Monday 11 January 2016

Wrapper collage cards

Happy New Year!

My little girl received lots of lovely gifts from friends and family at Christmas so on Boxing Day we set about hand making some thankyou cards from her. Having indulged in a heap of choccie feasting, we were left with loads of cellophane coloured wrappers (yes, I am that person that puts the wrappers back in the tub!) Quality Street wrappers especially are great for making colour collages, they are good bold colours and quite tough.

I cut out various shapes of different sizes and got the glue stick ready. This was a really fun activity for my 2yr old, and also a great opportunity to talk about shapes and colours, and a brilliant early exercise in composition! As the colours overlap to make new colours she also learnt about colour mixing, bonus! She took 1 of each shape for each card, so each card was made up of the same elements but each one turned out completely different. I was amazed she had the patience to sit and do a set of 20 cards!

Happily we got these in the post before the new year, which was all part of the fun for her. How nice to make these individual cards, a cheap activity to do with your kids at any time of year. We may even get going on a large composition for her bedroom wall. Have a go!