Wednesday 1 July 2015

Fizzog! Ken Garland & Associates

I was sifting through bits and bobs in the charity shop this week and happened across this retro piece of design by the iconic and influential British designers 'Ken Garland & Associates' in 1969. The box is in pretty good nick, and the set of cards is complete with the original instructions too. What a great find for £1.99! Lovely crisp and clean design, and the game looks pretty fun. Its a simple card game where you have to place your cards down to make adjoining faces, and get points for matching various facial parts each time.

Garland designed the logo for Galt in 1961 and designed for many of their catalogues and advertisments, all of which are truly beautiful pieces of graphic design. I found this great little interview with Ken and some wonderful vibrant images on Design Boom which you can read here! Another great link is for Ken Garland's website: 

I'm now on the lookout now other classic children's games they designed, 'Connect' and 'Anymals'!

Happy thrifting!

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