Wednesday 12 August 2015

Lingotastic floor cushions

 I recently made a stack of floor cushions for Sarah at Lingotastic, to use for their classes. I had the fabric made at Woven Monkey again, the same as I did the Lingotastic rocket cushions some time ago. (If you missed that tutorial catch it here)

I cut, prewashed and ironed the fabric, and cut the backing material and wadding to size too. I bought the 200g wadding for £2.50 a metre, I found this to be just about the thickest to get through my machine with 2 layers of heavy fabric. I used size 90 needle, and managed to get through 4 of them making these! The backing material was from Workaid (if you missed that post, check it here)

I pinned the fabric layers together with the wadding at the bottom, and the 2 fabric layers RIGHT sides together on top of that. I then marked a 15cm opening that I wouldn't be stitching, in order to turn right side out. I then stitched all around, being careful to make a clean 90 degree turn at the corners. I used a 1cm seam allowance around, and then trimmed the corners to get a good shape when turned the right way out.

I would usually trim the excess wadding and material from the seam before pulling inside out but in this case I left it as it actually helps give the cushion a good edge and anchor it on the floor a bit. Once pulled carefully through the opening I found a lovely buff floor cushion. Careful machine stitching to the outside to close it up completed it! Repeat x 9 and the job was done!

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