Sunday 6 September 2015

Make your own - kids duvet cover

 This week I was at the sewing machine again trying my hand at making a reversible duvet cover for my daughter. I found this lovely fox print cotton fabric on ebay some time ago, and have been searching for the perfect pattern to compliment it for the reverse side. Last week I found it - a perfect matching orange fabric with tiny pin dots. I knew she would love it!

This was a really fulfilling project to do, and I get to see the happy customer go to sleep all snuggled up in it every night. I think that's worth the 6 hours of cutting, measuring, pinning, pressing and stitching! Granted you can go and buy a kids duvet cover cheap as chips, but putting the time and effort into making a bespoke handmade cover for your little one is really rewarding, and she loved watching the process through to the final result, and I got big 'thank you' cuddles!

Below is a brief tutorial on how to do it:

*Before starting I made sure to prewash & iron both fabrics

1) Measure & cut your fabric.
My duvet measures 120cm x 150cm, so I added 1.5cm seam allowance to the top and sides, and 5cm to the bottom. You can play with these measurements how you like, but don't forget to add more at the bottom than the top and the sides.

2) Prepare the bottom of the cover
First prepare the bottom of the duvet cover, where the opening will be. I folded and pinned the bottom up 8mm, pressed the seam edge and zigzag stitched along the length (starting and finishing 1.5cm in from the fabric edge where the side seams will be.)
Fold over again at 2cm and repeat the process with a straight stitch, so your left with a neat pressed and stitched bottom to the fabric. This will become the opening area, where the poppers will attach.

Repeat on the second piece of fabric

3) Pin & stitch pieces together
Placing your 2 fabrics RIGHT sides facing, pin all around carefully.
Straight stitch all around, leaving an opening across the bottom that starts and finished from approx. 15cm in.

As the cover will be washed regularly I then restitched the same with a zigzag, to prevent frayed edges and secure it.

Trim away the corners carefully, so that there's no puckering when you turn the right way round. Careful not to cut too close to the stitch.

4) Turn the right way out
Once turned the right way out you should have a nice neat cover with smooth corners, and an opening at the bottom. Press the opening inner seams flat to give a clean line and prepare for the fastenings.

5) Measure and mark for the poppers
I measured the first popper dead centre of the opening, and then a further 2 placed equidistantly. I marked these points with a pencil.

6) Add your poppers!
I used these great little snap fasteners, with this little tool that cost £1 on ebay. You put the male and female parts through the fabric as required, and hammer into place. Bosh!

That's it - sounds really easy, and it was - but it took a lot longer than I imagined. Worth it to do a neat job though and this duvet will surely get some use. Enjoy having a go - let me know how you get on!

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