Wednesday, 13 September 2017

See you on Instagram!

Hello! Well, after a 6 month break from posting I am admitting defeat on keeping up with regular blog posting. In the last year I have made several dresses, done some client graphic design work and have been squirreling away at my new stationery business, yet finding the additional time to document, edit and write up these projects for the blog has proved a step too far.

I have decided therefore to take the pressure and nagging guilt that I'm not blogging, off my shoulders and will be ramping up on my instagram posting instead. This is going to be much quicker and allow me to connect with you much better I hope!

With my eldest now in school and my little fella growing up quickly I hope to be launching my new business before too long...

So thanks for reading, and goodbye for now! I hope to see you over on Instagram, come find me @makeplaydo

Emily x


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