Friday 10 October 2014

Christmas Crackers

 Time to get thinking about Christmas, and making crackers for your loved ones is a great gift and fun too. Here's how to do it:

SCALPEL (or guillotine)
BONE SCORER (optional, a blunt knife or similar will do)
*optional, you could purchase ready printed/patterned paper if you wanted

PAPER: 200gsm white card, 100gsm red paper, coloured tissue paper (for hats)
TOILET ROLL TUBES *note: not all toilet rolls have the same diameter!
STRINGS & RIBBONS: red & white twine, red gift ribbon
CELLOPHANE (for wrapping gifts, optional)
BANGERS: sourced from ebay
SMALL GIFTS: your choice!

First I designed the patterns for the crackers and made the templates to print on the computer
(I'll be putting a downloadable template on here shortly.)

Print out on your deskjet, and trim to size top and bottom.
Gently score down the folds (dotted lines), and then cut the holes (solid lines).

Cut the red paper for the ends (155mm x 50mm, or the required length for your cracker)
and stick it on the insides, inserting a banger underneath one end. (leave it free the other)

Apply double-sided tape to the top edge, and place a toilet roll in the centre, with the banger inside the tube. Carefully roll and stick down to create a cracker tube (leave one end open)

Next make the hats from tissue paper. I concertina-folded a length of 580mm by 100mm high and made one diagonal cut across the top of the folded stack. Open out and secure one end with double-sided tape. Refold and its ready to go.

I chose to wrap my inner gifts & hats in a piece of cellophane secured with some twine.

Insert the gift in the open end and tie both ends with gift ribbon, and you're done!

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