Monday 27 October 2014

DIY Fireplace Blackboard

My daughter's room has a lovely little original fireplace in it, but unfortunately comes complete with sharp edges and a broken draughty vent! Needing to baby-proof the room I decided to temporarily convert the area into an art space for her (what else?!) and make a DIY blackboard from a broken picture frame I had lying about. Here's how I did it:

Board/wood/back of a broken picture frame!
Blackboard paint
Wall fixers (I used the super strength velcro sort for hanging pictures)
*Acrylic paints (for final decoration)

Stanley knife
Metal ruler
Mix of paintbrushes

First I measured up the space, and then cut the board to size with the Stanley knife. I then prepared the board with a quick sand, to clean up rough edges and so that the paint would take better. I laid on the first layer liberally, and gave it 30 mins to dry.

I then gave the board a quick sand again after the first layer, and went in with layer 2. I repeated this for layers 3 and 4 so a nice thick layer built up. 
TIP - I alternated the direction of the brush on each layer so Ive ended up with a nice crosshatched textured effect.

After a bit of sketching of ideas, I draughted the design onto the board in pencil, and began painting. Acrylics are perfect for this as they are water resistant so the board can be wiped clean with no fear of destroying the design. I then applied the fixers to the reverse of the board, and 'hey presto!'

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