Tuesday 7 October 2014

Thankyou Cards

Being a bit 'old-school' I much prefer to send physical cards and letters than send a text or email, plus its an excuse to get the pencils out.

I have just made a set of thankyou cards with some stamps I had, its SERIOUSLY easy and quick and produces a great result. Here's how I did it:

BONE SCORER (or blunt knife/equivalent)
ROUND CORNER CUTTER (optional, I love a round corner on anything!)

PAPER: 200gsm white card
RUBBER STAMPS & INK PADS: sourced from art/hobby shops or good old ebay
ENVELOPES: sourced from your stationers, C6 size

Cut the A4 card in two to 210mm x 148.5mm
Score vertically in the middle of your card (105mm in) to make an A6 finished size card.
*TIP - score on the top of the card and fold AWAY from the score for the best finish.
Ink up & line up your stamps and go crazy.
Leave to dry (1/2 hour should do it, depending on your ink)
Cut the round corners to finish, get writing your messages and address your envelopes!

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